In-depth casino strategy – Roulette

Roulette is one of the simplest casino games to master, but also one of the hardest to predict and to program a win in. That doesn’t mean there aren’t some nifty strategies to maximise your chances, or at least give yourself a better chance at winning than any of your opponents (as long as they haven’t also read this article). Too many websites and books out there sell methods that are ‘guaranteed’ to win and will make you a millionaire in minutes, but there are no strategies that will 100% win you the game. You can increase your odds, or perhaps make clever bets, but the game is essentially a game of luck, and one which many people have tried to beat throughout the ages. A sometimes disputed quote from Albert Einstein states that “you cannot beat a roulette table unless you steal money from it”, but we all still keep on trying, so there must be something that keeps us coming back for more and keeps us trying out these different techniques to win.

The Wheel Isn’t Always a Perfect Wheel

Sometimes in the manufacturing process or as a result of repeated or careless use a roulette wheel can get a little tired, and perhaps become a little skewed or uneven. This means that the ball may fall more often than not on certain numbers, or jump more easily over certain numbers, spinning at a different speed on specific parts of the wheel. Though there are 37 possible places where it can land, it may be possible to make a choice that is more likely to come up than others. The electronic screen that many casinos now have displaying the last series of numbers to come up can lead some people to making choices based on the previous numbers. It can be extremely misleading, and a bias in a wheel is never likely to be as obvious as to show up in the last 10 numbers, but if you delve a little deeper it can pay off. A man once emptied the coffers of a casino in Monte Carlo using this sort of wheel bias, but when the casino changed their wheels and he wasn’t aware, he lost a large part of his winnings.

A Dealer’s Habits are Hard to Break

If you frequent a casino for long enough, you may notice that one or more of the roulette dealers has a tendency to release the ball in an identical movement each time, or throw the ball at the same moment of the spin each time, meaning that it might be more likely to land on certain areas of the wheel. Keep an eye out for this and you might be able to notice a pattern, though bear in mind that humans are not animals of precision, and are never as precise as machines, so this is not a guaranteed trick!

JAA Cross-Referencing

To use this method, you’ll not only need to study hard and do your research, but also purchase the software and methodology. Once this is done you’ll soon master the method of noting down all previous winning numbers, and surveying the variables which affect the winning numbers. This allows you to reasonably predict the number that will come up, in a pretty convoluted but often successful way.

Visual Ballistics

This requires just two eyes and a little bit of patience and risk-taking. After about 60 to 100 spins you can suss out a wheel and predict where the ball will land just based on watching the speed with which it’s spinning right at the last minute, before bets are closed and you’re too late. This means placing your bet about five spins before the ball lands in the winning slot, and making an educated guess based on knowledge and instinct. There are different specific ways of doing this which take some training, but trying to do this on your own, instinctively, to begin with is a good way of getting the hang of the technique, and of the subtleties of roulette.

Dominant Diamonds

Evaluating the diamonds which are most hit by any given ball on a particular wheel can help you guess where the ball bounces and then where it’s going to land…maybe. A dominant diamond, or one which is hit noticeably more than others over a vast number of rolls, means that the wheel may very possibly be biased, and therefore be a good wheel to try out many of the above techniques on.

Spreading Your Chips

There are highly elaborate and dubious ways of spreading your chips out across the rows to ensure maximum returns on any bet, and ensuring you cover as much of the table as possible. Some research and testing is necessary to make this works for you, but it’s worth a go if it can increase your chances of winning big.

Not-So-Random Randomiser

If you’re planning on using an online casino such as RedFlush, there are certain methods of calculating the odds of certain numbers coming up which may work in your favour, but the differences in odds are so slim that it’s unlikely to affect the outcome any more than blowing on the wheel on your screen will do!



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